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KAT Dental Laboratory was opened in September, 2016 in Funabashi Chiba to make contributions to the dental field through the experienced technics and technical services.

The each dental product is extremely varied and the custom made that there is no same items. 

One technician makes the product from the beginning to the end, to reflect both the doctors' and patients' voices, aiming at the high quality labo.

We produce the prosthesis that are not only aesthetic but provide very little adjusting in the insertion and last long functionally. Off course, we attend the seminar and hands-on course to get the front-line information and improve the technics.​

KAT Dental Ceramics

Owner and Head Technician, Katsuhiko Morito 


                   Brief Personal History of Kat Morito

Sep.2016    Opened KAT Dental Ceramics

<work overseas 2005~2013>

Jan.2013   I-Team LLC (North West Prosthodontics Dr. Chandur Wadhwani) in WA, USA.

Oct.2010   Precision Craft Dental Laboratory in RI, USA. as a Head Ceramist.

Jul.2005    Dr. Lee Siew Hua Dental Surgery (Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre) in Singapore.

 -Graduated from Saitama Dental Technician School and Waseda Dental Technician Training Center (Ceramic center)

 -Had worked for several laboratories and clinics in Japan as a head technician.  

Measure Hands-on Courses I took


Shigemich Kawasaki Hands-on ・ Naoki Hayashi Hands-on ・ Naoki Aiba Hands-on ・ Hidefumi Ito Occlusion Practical Training

Willi Geller Hands-on

​Japan Academy of Digital dentisty Member

​Part-time Teacher of Dental Technical College of Saitama

​Immidiate Lording Study Club 

Academic activities​

​2010.4   Introduced by a Dental magazine "Dentaltechnology" 
                      『One of the leading international Cities "Singapore"  What is the difference between the dental industry in Japan.』

​2010.8   Case Presentation at Waseda Dental technical Trainning Center.

​2019.10   Japan Academy of Digital Dentistry  CAD/CAM Exhibition. 
                      『Fablicating Surgical Guide for Guided Surgery using Blue Sky Plan Software』

2019.12     ITI Study Club Case Presentation.  
​                      『Treatment planning using implant simulation soft and relationship between Doctor and Dental technician.』

​2020.12     ITI Study Club Case Presentation
​                      『The case of apicoectomy for molar using the implant simulation soft』                               

​2021.2         Introduced by a Japanese QDT Dental magazine.

​2021.4         Japan Academy of Digital Dentistry Poster Presentation.
​                       『The case of apicoectomy for molar using the implant simulation soft』

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